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The National Network for Children in Employment & Entertainment (NNCEE), formerly the National Child Employment Network (NCEN) was founded in 1994 by 13 Local Authority Education Welfare and Social Worker Service officers. Its aims were much the same as the current aims of the NNCEE, concerned about the safety and well being of children working part time, and to bring about improvements in the regulation of  this employment. In 1996 the need to address the increasing incidences of problems with the involvement of children in the entertainment industry was realised and the name was later changed to reflect this.

The NNCEE has been involved in numerous campaigns and worked closely with successive governments to bring about improvements in the legislation and regulations relating to the employment of children and their involvement in the entertainment industry. Our campaigning contributed to important changes in the legislation including the introduction of the model byelaws for employment in 1998 and the changes to the Child Performance Regulations in 2014. They have contributed to government reports and investiagtions into current practice and worked tirelessly to promote the safeguarding of children. 

The NNCEE has produced detailed guidance on all aspects of the child performance regulations, provided the only available training in these fields, and continues to share good practice and encourage consistency amongst local authorities. 

As new developments and changes occur the NNCEE works to share resources and information and continues to campaign to improve things for children.

Further information on the history and development of the NNCEE see the downloads opposite.


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