Ross Adams Small Screen Talent North West
Alison Aina Central Bedfordshire Council South East & London
Nikki Andrews Devon CC Southern
Trudi Andrews Essex County Council Eastern
Sue Arnold West Berkshire CC South East & London
Shirley Ashley Bury North West
Mandy Atkinson Lincolnshire CC Eastern
John Austin Swansea City Council Wales
Warren Bacci Top Talent Agency South East & London
Phil Ball Knowsley North West
Linda Banfield Isles of Scilly Council Southern
Susan Banks Stockport MBC North West
Leanne Barker Middlesbrough North East
Leah Barnes Southwark South East & London
Philip Barrett Southend Borough Council Eastern
Emma Barrows-Hemmings Wigan Council North West
Karen Barry Wirral MBC North West
Bolton MBC North West
Tracey Bell Scream Management North West
Stevie Bennett Camden South East & London
Harrow South East & London
Stephen Biggs The Young Actors Company Eastern
Bolton MBC North West
Mark Blackledge Torbay Council Southern
Margot Bland Durham CC North East
Joanne Booth South East & London
Avril Borg Merton South East & London
Jo Bowman Cardiff Council Wales
Paul Breakwell Sandwell MBC Central
Zadie Broad Wokingham DC South East & London
Joanne Brown Blackburn with Darwen BC North West
Medway Council South East & London
Kate Butler Surrey CC South East & London
Dawn Butts Hammersmith & Fulham South East & London
Rebecca Carrington Principal Arts 1 School of Performance South East & London
Maxine Carroll. Tameside MBC North West
Jill Chandar -Nair Lincolnshire CC Eastern
Verna Channa West Sussex CC South East & London
Dawn Chapman Leicester City Council Central
Gill Charnock Lime Pictures North West
Christine Charnock Lancashire CC North West
Louise Chettleburgh Leicestershire CC Central
Heather Clegg Blackpool BC North West
Michelle Clement Evans Nottingham CC Central
Vicky Clode Torfaen County Borough Council Wales
Medway Council South East & London
Kymm Conway Lucia Victoria Agency Management Ltd North West
Ruth Cooper Wigan Council North West
Caroline Cope BCP Council Southern
Andrew Copperwheat Central Bedfordshire Eastern
Rachel Cousins Hampshire County Council Southern
Linda Curtis West Berkshire CC South East & London
Claire Daniels Y2K Promotions Central
Moira Dealey Buckinghamshire CC South East & London
Diane Dean Hounslow South East & London
Donna Dean Camden South East & London
Halton Borough Council North West
Kirsty Doyle Laine Management Limited North West
Caroline Drakes North Lincolnshire Council Yorks & Humberside
Latoya Dyett Westminster South East & London
Marlyn Earl Hampshire County Council Southern
Tony Edge Liverpool North West
Georgina Edye Stockport MBC North West
Susan Erents Oxfordshire County Council Central
Sharon Everitt Suffolk CC Eastern
Education Authority Northern Ireland North West
Lisa Fenaroli Hillingdon South East & London
Brenda Finn Warwickshire CC Central
Julie Fitton Solihull Central
Hannah Fitton Rebel School of Theatre Arts and Casting Agency Yorks & Humberside
Leeds City Council Yorks & Humberside
Sylvia Francis Greenwich, Royal Borough of South East & London
Dale Freeman NODA Eastern
Rachael Fullerton South East & London
Val Gardener Trafford Borough Council North West
Susan Garner Bexley Council South East & London
Gloucestershire CC Southern
Jo Goodey Oxfordshire County Council Central
Andrea Gordon Wandsworth South East & London
Jayne Gough Sheffield City Council Yorks & Humberside
Lambeth South East & London
Irene Green Wakefield MDC Yorks & Humberside
Julie Griffin Bristol Southern
Carol Grimshaw Blackburn with Darwen BC North West
Kathy Gundy Herefordshire County Council Central
Angela Hallam Stoke North West
Sue Harris Windsor & Maidenhead South East & London
Paul Harse Bristol Southern
Kate Hawkes Blackpool BC North West
Caroline Henderson Blackburn with Darwen BC North West
Vince Hendrickson Derbyshire County Council North West
Jill Hewitt Mune Casting Ltd North West
Sarah Holmes Warrington Borough Council Central
Frank Holohan Thurrock Council Eastern
Debbie Houghton Halton Borough Council North West
Elaine Howells Rhondda Cynon Taf Wales
Gemma Hoyle Linton Management North West
Cara Huggins Pembrokeshire County Council Wales
Sarah Hughes West Sussex CC South East & London
Sharon Hughes Tutors on Location North West
John Hughes Jones Gwynedd LEA Wales
Donna Hulme Wolverhampton MBC Central
Emma Hunter Kent County Council South East & London
Lis Hutty Leicestershire CC Central
Tracey Hynard Suffolk CC Eastern
Deborah Ikin Euro Kids International Casting & Modelling Agency North West
Claire Ingram Caerphilly CBC Wales
Yvette Jackson Cumbria County Council North West
Krystena Jenkinson Dudley MBC Central
Hull City Council Yorks & Humberside
Jennie Johnson Sutton (Cognus on behalf of) South East & London
Sorren Jones Derbyshire County Council North West
Lucy Jones Bromley South East & London
Michael Jones Liverpool North West
Amber Jones Tameside MBC North West
Salma Kaka Gloucestershire CC Southern
Nash Kalyanji Kingston and Richmond AFC South East & London
Katie Keaney BBC South East & London
Elizabeth Kelly Barking and Dagenham South East & London
Stacey Kelly A special face Central
Amrul Khan City of London Corporation South East & London
Michelle Kirby Daisy and Dukes Ltd South East & London
Wendy Lancaster Cambridgeshire County Council Eastern
Felicity Lanyi Academykidz North West
Pam Leonard Doncaster Yorks & Humberside
Gareth Lewis Cheshire West and Chester Council North West
Alison Leyden Luton BC Eastern
Bonnie Lia Bonnie and Betty Ltd South East & London
Kevin Locke South East & London
Cecil Lovemore Southwark South East & London
Amanda Lowe South Gloucestershire Council Southern
Marie Lundy Sandwell MBC Central
Michael Lynch Semperfidelis Models Yorks & Humberside
Ed Magee Camden South East & London
Amanda Mannion Salford City Council North West
Julia Martin Darlington BC North East
Elaine Matterson Sunderland City Council North East
Robert May Derbyshire County Council North West
Julianne McConaghy Sheffield City Council Yorks & Humberside
Judy McPhee JAM2000 South East & London
Lauren Mellor Boss Model Agency North West
Jenny Mitchell JEM Management South East & London
Debi Momi Bedford Borough Council Eastern
Tracy Moore Liverpool North West
Bath & North East Somerset Council Southern
Lisa Mortlock Portsmouth South East & London
Adelle Moss AM Kids Agency Eastern
Martina Mould Trafford Borough Council North West
Paul Myatt Kirklees Yorks & Humberside
Sharon Napier Gateshead MBC North East
Patrick Neale Warrington Borough Council North West
Iain Nicholson Haringey South East & London
Annette Niles Plymouth City Council Southern
Tracey Norton Solihull Central
David Novell Milton Keynes Council Central
Gloucestershire CC Southern
John O'Sullivan Ealing South East & London
Diane Oxborough Derbyshire County Council North West
Fiona Parker Newcastle upon Tyne City Council North East
Rachel Parkhouse Kent County Council South East & London
George Partington Stagecoach Theatre Art School North West
Manchester City Council North West
Sandra Pierce JZee Leeming Wales
Dawn Podmore Cheshire East Council North West
Lucinda Poole Ealing South East & London
Isle of Wight Southern
Louise Price Herefordshire County Council Central
Claire Priestley Calderdale Council Yorks & Humberside
Rosalind Prior Boss Model Agency North West
Kim Prior Buckinghamshire CC South East & London
Lorraine Ralph Herefordshire County Council Central
Isle of Wight Southern
Eddie Redfern Little Theatre Guild South East & London
Danielle Regan Kirklees MBC Yorks & Humberside
Marcia Reid Birmingham City Council Central
Gloucestershire CC Southern
Michelle Renshaw Trafford Borough Council North West
Debbie Reynolds Southend Borough Council Eastern
Mary Richards Norfolk County Council Eastern
Carla Richardson Hackney South East & London
Diane Richardson Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council Yorks & Humberside
Sam Rigby Laine Management Limited North West
Neil Roberts Kirklees MBC Yorks & Humberside
Hilary Robinson Stockton on Tees Council North East
Ann Robinson St Helen's Council North West
Sandra Rothwell North West
Gill Sapuppo Merton South East & London
Deborah Scotland Redbridge South East & London
Sarah Scott Knowsley North West
Bev Scott South Tyneside Council North East
Atiya Shamim Rochdale North West
Daniel Sharpe Sharpe Academy Agency South East & London
Miriam Shucksmith Lincolnshire CC Eastern
Paulette Simpson Croydon South East & London
Allistare Smedley Brighton & Hove City Council South East & London
Mark Smith City of York Yorks & Humberside
Michelle Smith Redcar & Cleveland Council North East
Angela Stango Bedford Borough Council Eastern
Lindsey Stanley Moray Council Scotland
Joy Stephenson Leicestershire CC Central
Linda Stephenson Northumberland CC North East
Sharon Stevens Stockton on Tees Council North East
Julie Stirrup St Helen's Council North West
Kaye Strangwood Telford & Wrekin Council and Shropshire Council Central
Donna Symonds Cambridgeshire County Council Eastern
ANYA TAYLOR LACARA South East & London
Sandra Thompson Sunderland City Council North East
Tom Thorp Cornwall CC Southern
Kim Thursfield KTTA South East & London
Danielle Tompkins Swindon BC Central
Barry Toynton East Riding CC Yorks & Humberside
Suzanne Vote Isle of Man North West
Alison Wadsworth Rotherham MBC Yorks & Humberside
Utopia Model Management North West
Lynne Walker Scala Kids Casting Yorks & Humberside
Angela Walker Lancashire CC North West
Claire Ward Peterborough City Council Eastern
Tara Watson Bradford City Council Yorks & Humberside
Jackie Webb Hartlepool BC North East
Debra West Leicester City Council Central
Linda Westcarr Camden South East & London
Jennifer Whitbread Essex County Council Eastern
Linda Whitehead North Tyneside Council North East
Andrew Wilcox Sheffield Theatres Yorks & Humberside
Hafwen Williams Wrexham CBC Wales
Angela Williams Kensington & Chelsea South East & London
Jayne Willoughby Lancashire CC North West
Jenni Wood Oldham MBC North West
Jacob Woodd Roshe School and RS Management South East & London