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Membership of the NNCEE is available for a fee of £25 for 12 months from the date of activation and is conditional on members abiding by the principles of the Constitution.

If you pay by debit/credit card membership begins immediately. Alternatively, there is an option to request an invoice and purchase order. 

The NNCEE is an association consisting mainly of Local Authority officers who have responsibility for the licensing of children, under compulsory school leaving age, who are in part-time employment or involved in performing, modelling or paid sporting activities. The NNCEE also incorporates within its membership organisations and individuals working in the field of child employment and entertainment i.e. employer bodies, agents, chaperones etc.

The network consists of 9 regional areas who each hold regular meetings (normally every 3 months) to share examples of good practice, discuss areas of concern and circulate advice and information. In addition the Network has an elected committee with the purpose of promoting consistency of practice nationally, facilitating communication between the regional groups, developing interagency discussion and dealing with the media.

Member will have access to the following:-

  • Exposing the Hidden Army (printed in 2004)
  • Guidance to 2014 Regulations (plus other guidance documents)
  • Detailed information on the workings of the NNCEE, it's Regions and Local Authority practices
  • Individual LAs forms, leaflets and procedures - why reinvent the wheel!
  • Child Employment Week resources and surveys
  • Joint awareness with other organisations
  • Newsletters
  • Minutes of meetings
  • Training Events (free to members)
  • Access to the AGM
  • Updates on developments within the NNCEE and Government decisions/changes to legislation
  • Access to the Members Area on our website
  • and, much more...........................

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