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Message from the Chair re Covid & Applications

Published: 16th March 2022

Many members have been asked by productions if they should continue to submit risk assessments as part of the application process now that the Government has changed the rules on social distancing, mask wearing and testing etc in relation to Covid.

The Government has stated that we must learn to live with Covid and it has not gone away and in recent days there has been a further increase in case numbers. We are aware that many productions will continue with their Covid protocols to ensure their production is as safe as possible. 

We would advise members to discuss with their own Local Authorities about visits to production locations and to only attend where they are well, to take an LFT test where possible/available and to follow the productions protocols.


So that Local Authorities can ensure children continue to be safeguarded whilst on productions the NNCEE feels that risk assessments should continue to be part of the application process.      


Ed Magee

Chair of the NNCEE