Report concerns

NEW - Report Concerns Button

Published: 12th October 2021

Today the NNCEE has launched its brand new "Report Concerns" button which you can find at the bottom right hand corner of every page of our website. This button remains accessible at all times whilst you navigate our website. 


The purpose of this "Report Concerns" button is to enable anyone who has concerns about any of the following to report them:

  • a child who is employed in an afterschool/holidays/weekend job e.g. newspaper round, waiting on tables, administrative role, shop work, stable hand etc.
  • an employer of a child
  • a child taking part in paid or unpaid performances, either amateur or professional
  • a professional or volunteer chaperone
  • a production company or a member of production staff 

The NNCEE will not investigate the concern itself.  However we will pass on your concerns/report to the appropriate Local Authority for them to carry out any necessary investigation. 


If you wish to make your report anonymously you are able to do so. However we would remind you that if you do not provide your contact details then the Local Authority Officer who carries out any investigation will not be able to come back to you with feedback about your concerns or be able to obtain any further information which may be necessary to their investigation.