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Guidance re Lockdown November/December 2020 in England

Published: 3rd November 2020

Guidance from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland has been reviewed in light of updated advice from governments.


Film and TV productions are able to continue subject to risk assessments and Covid requirements for the country in question also taking into consideration BFC and PACT guidance.


Theatres remain open in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland but with restricted audiences.  Theatres and concert venues will close in England from the 5th November to 2nd December 2020 but the DCMS have indicated that theatres can continue to rehearse and stream behind closed door and without an audience.  


Child Employment Licences/Work Permits for children working are subject to the usual checks – employers can also check with the HMRC about eligibility for the furlough scheme for any children they employ if they are a non-essential service (unless they are open for click and collect and or delivery services).  New permits would only be issued for essential businesses. A list of businesses who are closing is in Section 4 of the Covid guidance and this is expected to be updated shortly.


Advice and guidance is changing at short notice and we advise LAs, employers and productions to check the latest guidance as it applies in the country where the child lives and also where the child may work or perform.