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Please notify our Members Secretary if your LA NNCEE member has either left or is no longer responsible for child employment.  If you have a new person responsible for this area of work they need to join under their own name (membership is specifically to each person - It is not a joint LA membership)

NOTE: present members, even if they have left this area of work, can still continue with their yearly membership; and renew if they choose.  Membership of the NNCEE is for all persons who are interested in safeguarding children in employment and performance (entertainment, modelling and sport etc).

If you are trying to trace/contact Local Authorities who are not members of the NNCEE scroll down this page to attachments.

Looking for a child's Local Authority go to Government site at http://local.direct.gov.uk/LDGRedirect/Start.do?mode=1 and put child's home address postcode in box.


When licensing children in performances (entertainment) you need to contact the local authority in whose area the child lives (where the family pay their council tax to - Direct Gov Local Authorities, put in child's postcode and it will tell you which LA is responsible for that area). 

For employment it is the local authority where the child works.

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