Local Authority Contacts by Area

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If you are trying to trace/contact Local Authorities who are not members of the NNCEE you may find them listed (below) as an attachment e.g. Lancashire LAs, Scottish LAs etc. or go to Direct Gov. which lists LAs across the UK.

Download this file (Regional NNCEE NE contact lists 28.1.13.doc)North East Region Contacts[January 2013]52 kB
Download this file (London Contact List July 12.pdf)London Local Authority Contacts[London Region July 2012]192 kB
Download this file (NW Region LA contacts Jan 12.pdf)North West Region Jan 2012[NW Region Contacts Jan 12]137 kB
Download this file (lancashire-contact-list-2011-j.pdf)lancashire-contact-list-2011-j.pdf[Lancashire Contacts]51 kB
Download this file (scottish-las.pdf)scottish-las.pdf[Scottish Local Authority Contacts]15 kB