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Children working in the UK who are still of compulsory school age.

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Are you taking part in performances such as theatre, TV, or modelling?

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AGM 2013

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Notice is hereby given of the next NNCEE Annual General Meeting which will take place at The Abbey Arts Theatre, Pool Bank Street Nuneaton. Warwickshire. CV11 5DB,  on Wednesday 23rd October 2013 10am- for 10.30am start.

Members wishing to stand for any of the above posts must submit a nomination formally proposed and seconded in accordance with NNCEE constitution,  to be received by the Hon Secretary (Joanne Booth, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) no later than 14 days prior to the AGM - (8 October 2012)

Download this file (Secretary report AGM 201416102014.jpg)AGM 2014[Secretary's Report]554 Kb
Download this file (Treasurer report agm 2014.pdf)AGM 2014[Treasurer's Report]1694 Kb
Download this file (WEB REPORT agm 2014.doc)AGM 2014[Web Report ]1265 Kb
Download this file (Welsh Region Report 2013 - CYMRAEG.doc)AGM 2013 [Welsh Region In Welsh]34 Kb
Download this file (AGM 13 Eastern Regional Report.docx)AGM 2013[Eastern Region]1497 Kb
Download this file (AGM 13 Treasurers Report 2.doc)AGM 2013[Treasurer Report]167 Kb
Download this file (AGM 13 London  Report.doc)AGM 2013[London Region]168 Kb
Download this file (Treasurer AGM report 2013.pdf)AGM 2013[Accounts]23 Kb
Download this file (Chairperson's report.docx)AGM 2013 [Chair Report]59 Kb
Download this file (AGM 13 Welsh Region Report.doc)AGM 2013[Welsh Region]33 Kb
Download this file (AGM 13 CENTRAL REGION REPORT.doc)AGM 2013[Central Region]24 Kb
Download this file (AGM 13 NW Regional Report 2013.doc)AGM 2013 [North West Region]24 Kb
Download this file (AGM 13 NE Regional NNCEE Report for AGM. Oct 2013.doc)AGM 2013 [North East Region]58 Kb
Download this file (AGM 13 WEB REPORT agm 2013.doc)AGM 2013[Web Report]1127 Kb
Download this file (AGM 2013 MEMSEC REPORT.doc)AGM 2013[Membership Secretary Report]168 Kb
Download this file (AGM 13 Secretary Report.doc)AGM 2013[Secretary Report]35 Kb
Download this file (AGM 13 PR Rep report.doc)AGM 2013[Public Relations Report]22 Kb
Download this file (AGM 13 Notice to Members.doc)Notice to Members[ ]29 Kb
Download this file (AGM 13 Getting There Sept13.doc)Travel[ ]37 Kb
Download this file (AGM 13 Agenda Sept13.doc)Agenda[ ]35 Kb
Download this file (AGM 13 Membership Secretary.doc)Nominations[Members Secretary]34 Kb
Download this file (AGM 13 Public Relations vacancy.doc)Nominations[Public Relations]34 Kb
Download this file (AGM 13 Secretary vacancy.doc)Nominations[SECRETARY]34 Kb
Download this file (AGM 2012 minutes.doc)AGM 2012[Minutes]44 Kb




Old Bulletin Board

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This page is copied from the old website and shows old news items. If the article you are looking for is not here, please check the new Archive section.

These pages consist of links to interesting, topical and relevant items within Child Employment and Child Entertainment together with legislative updates we have recently heard about.

The Bulletin Board is about what's happening around the country. Therefore,  if you have interesting local news or have spotted an article worth reading or seen a web site which would be of interest to us all please contact the NNCEE Secretary or Chair, for inclusion on our Bulletin Board. 

Note: the above sites are not endorsed by the NNCEE but felt to be of interest to those working or interested in Child Employment or Child Entertainment.  The NNCEE does not guarantee the accuracy of any of the information on any other web-site nor necessarily agree with any of the views expressed.  You must contact your Local Authority for a legal interpretation of legislation.


Local Authority Contacts by Area

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If you are trying to trace/contact Local Authorities who are not members of the NNCEE you may find them listed (below) as an attachment e.g. Lancashire LAs, Scottish LAs etc. or go to Direct Gov. which lists LAs across the UK.

Download this file (Regional NNCEE NE contact lists 28.1.13.doc)North East Region Contacts[January 2013]52 Kb
Download this file (London Contact List July 12.pdf)London Local Authority Contacts[London Region July 2012]192 Kb
Download this file (NW Region LA contacts Jan 12.pdf)North West Region Jan 2012[NW Region Contacts Jan 12]137 Kb
Download this file (lancashire-contact-list-2011-j.pdf)lancashire-contact-list-2011-j.pdf[Lancashire Contacts]51 Kb
Download this file (scottish-las.pdf)scottish-las.pdf[Scottish Local Authority Contacts]15 Kb