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Children working in the UK who are still of compulsory school age.

Here are a few things
you need to know.

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Are you taking part in performances such as theatre, TV, or modelling?

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Children & Young Persons, Wales 2015 No 1757 (W.242) came into force 30TH October 2015 - attachment below

Wales Guidance Keeping Young Performers Safe -Guidance to accompany the 2015 child performance regulations - attachment below

NOTE: Regulation 3 revokes the Children (Performances) Regulations 1968 and a number of sets of amending regulations, in respect of Wales 

1933 Act

1963 Act


Download this file (Child Performance Regulations Wales 2015.pdf)Wales 30.10.15[Child Performance Regulations ]152 kB
Download this file (Wales guidance Keeping young performers safe.pdf)Guidance Document[2015 Child Performance Regs.]495 kB
Download this file (Children and Young Persons Act 1963 Relevant Extracts.docx)Children and Young Persons Act 1963 Relevant Extracts.docx[1963 Act]36 kB
Download this file (Children and Young Persons Act 1933 Extracts.pdf)Children and Young Persons Act 1933 Extracts.pdf[1933 Act]56 kB
Access this URL (http://business.wales.gov.uk/govuk/child-employment)child-employment[Child Employment]0 kB


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RTE Independent Radio Productions (link to Children Performances)

Child Performance Information Northern Ireland

Children who Perform 1996 = via link go to end of page for further links to the legislation

Belfast Child Performance, Employment & Chaperones

Access this URL (http://www.belb.org.uk/hqservices/child_employment_permits.asp)child_employment_permits.asp[Belfast child performance, employment & chaperones]13 kB
Access this URL (http://www.welbni.org/index.cfm/do/LicencesforChildrenwhoperform)LicencesforChildrenwhoperform[Children who perform link]0 kB
Access this URL (http://www.rte.ie/radio/irp/guidelines_general.html)guidelines_general.html[RTE Independent Radio Productions]0 kB


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The Children (Performances and Activities) (Scotland) Regulations 2014

Working Hours Limits

Guide to Licence Regulations

Child Employment - part time work

The Children (Protection at Work)(Scotland) Regulations 2006



Download this file (Working Hour Limits - 2015.pdf)Working Hour Limits - 2015.pdf[Working Hours]53 kB
Download this file (Guide to Licence Regs 2015.pdf)Guide to Licence Regs 2015.pdf[Guidance to P)erformances]722 kB
Access this URL (http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ssi/2006/140/pdfs/ssi_20060140_en.pdf)ssi_20060140_en.pdf[Protection at Work Children]0 kB
Download this file (part time work.pdf)part time work.pdf[2006]144 kB
Download this file (The Children (Performances and Activities) (Scotland) Regulations 2014-1.pdf)The Children (Performances and Activities) (Scotland) Regulations 2014-1.pdf[20.02.15]121 kB

The Children (Performances & Activities)(England) Regulations 2014

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Statutory Instrument 2014 No. 3309 - 06.02.15


02.02.15 UPDATE

We were advised yesterday that the new application forms will not be available until the end of February 2015.  We are advised that the attached (below) application form be used in the interim period.  

The Children (Performance & Activities)(England) Regulations 2014


  • Made 15th December 2014
  • Laid Before Parliament 17th December 2014
  • COMING INTO FORCE 6th February 2015


The Government will shortly be producing "Examples of Best Practice in Children Performance & Activities Licenses in England".  As soon as this becomes available we will place it on this page.

Download this file (CYP 2014.pdf)Statutory Instrument 2014[3309]96 kB
Download this file (new table Restrictions in relation to all performances table-1.pdf)Table New Regs.[06.02.15]28 kB
Download this file (3309 6.2.15 The Children (Performance and Activities)(England) Regulations 2014.)In place 06.02.15[New Regulations]96 kB
Download this file (Licence Application Template Feb 2015.doc)02.02.15 UPDATE[Temp. LIcence Application Form]249 kB