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This page is copied from the old website and shows old news items. If the article you are looking for is not here, please check the new Archive section.

These pages consist of links to interesting, topical and relevant items within Child Employment and Child Entertainment together with legislative updates we have recently heard about.

The Bulletin Board is about what's happening around the country. Therefore,  if you have interesting local news or have spotted an article worth reading or seen a web site which would be of interest to us all please contact the NNCEE Secretary or Chair, for inclusion on our Bulletin Board. 

Note: the above sites are not endorsed by the NNCEE but felt to be of interest to those working or interested in Child Employment or Child Entertainment.  The NNCEE does not guarantee the accuracy of any of the information on any other web-site nor necessarily agree with any of the views expressed.  You must contact your Local Authority for a legal interpretation of legislation.